HeatPhase Ultra: a Gelid phase-change thermal pad


The Gelid brand has announced a new addition to its catalog. The brand presents its HeatPhase Ultra, a phase-change thermal pad. It’s designed for our Intel and AMD processors!

HeatPhase Ultra: a thermal pad for CPUs!

Gelid HeatPhase UltraThe brand’s program includes a thermal pad for the CPU. The pad is available in two versions, one AMD and one Intel, whose size and shape correspond to the IHS of these two manufacturers.

Gelid thus announces a product that is easy to install and safe. The brand description refers to a non-conductive pad that won’t cause bleeding (???)… Does this mean you won’t be able to cut yourself on the plastic protecting the pad?

In any case, the datasheet shows dimensions of 40x40x0.2 mm for the AMD version. The Intel version will be slightly smaller: 40x30x0.2 mm. As for density, the material used is 2.8 g/cm3, while thermal conductivity is announced at 8.5 W/mK.

According to the brand, the temperatures obtained with this pad are very good. Mounted on a Ryzen 9 7950X, the CPU managed to maintain 77°C while running at 5.04 GHz. With GC Extreme paste, the CPU ran at 79°C with a frequency of 5.03 GHz, while with another pad, the temperature reached 81°C and the frequency 4.99 GHz, all at an ambient temperature in excess of 30°C.

As for prices, expect to pay €9.50 for the Intel version, as opposed to €10 for the AMD version… It’s got to be said that it’s a bit bigger!

Here’s the Gelid product sheet!