GTA VI for autumn 2025


Take-Two Interactive has just announced the release date for GTA VI. The official announcement is that the new version will arrive in autumn 2025. The announcement was made in conjunction with the release of the latest quarterly figures. This would mean that the game would appear some 12 years after GTA V. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is undoubtedly Rockstar Games’ biggest franchise, with 425 million copies sold if all versions are taken together. The forthcoming GTA VI is eagerly awaited, as the impact of its launch could go beyond mere game sales, and also boost hardware sales. Until now, there have been rumors of problems and delays, leading to fears of a postponement until 2026.

GTA VI in autumn 2025: 1 year to go

GTA VI 2025

Following statements about this release date, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick reiterated to IGN that he was confident the new opus would launch in autumn 2025. Sales of this title are expected to be stratospheric. We’ve already mentioned cumulative sales, but let’s take a closer look at GTA V. The title has now sold over 200 million copies, making it one of the best-selling video games of all time. The marketing management of this launch is also shaping up to be a textbook case. The sixth part of the action game series is once again set in Vice City, as was the case in the fourth part. For the first time, a woman plays a leading role. Her name is Lucia and she can be seen alongside a male protagonist in the trailer. The first teaser generated a massive buzz, which says a lot about how the publisher intends to bring us to the second half of 2025. As for the platforms supported, the console versions will obviously be there for the launch. However, there are still many doubts about the release date of the PC version. But it seems hard not to envisage a simultaneous launch, given the publisher’s ambitions.