Granite Ridge spotted in an expedition manifest!


Zen5 is back in the news, as via @momomo_us, we can see Granite Ridge CPUs appearing on a shipping manifest. The program includes 6- and 8-core processors.

Granite Ridge: 6- and 8-core CPUs spotted on a shipping manifest!

Granite Ridge manifeste
Source: @momomo_us

As can be seen, the manifesto refers to two CPUs:

  • 100-000001290-21
  • 100-000001404-21

Of course, we don’t know much about the models shown here, except that the first is a 6-core model. It currently boasts a TDP of 105W, while still in A0 revision.

On the other, we have an 8-core processor that promises to be far more powerful. However, the TDP is skyrocketing, with a value of 170W in revision B0.

Of course, these TDP values are subject to change. While the 105W quoted for the 6-core processor seems consistent with that of the Ryzen 7600X, the TDP of the 8-core version seems very high. Indeed, the Ryzen 7 7700X in 8c/16t is also 105W. On the other hand, this may also be linked to a significant increase in frequencies, as yet unknown.

In short, we’ll have to wait until Computex this year to find out more. AMD may well say a few words about Zen5. In any case, we’ll keep you posted.

As a reminder, this new generation of processors could well see the light of day somewhere between the third and fourth quarters of 2024.