Gigabyte’s RTX 4060/Ti now!


Like Asus, Gigabyte also took advantage of NVIDIA’s announcement to unveil its custom RTX 4060/Ti. Once again, several cards will make up the brand’s offer. We will have the right to the Aorus, Gaming OC, Aero OC and Eagle OC versions!

Of course, as long as the marketing has not taken place, the frequencies remain unknown.

The 4060/Ti Aorus from Gigabyte!

RTX 4060/Ti AorusWith this card, the brand offers us the spearhead of the x60 series. We find an imposing model with a large heatsink. The latter is topped by three fans with an RGB lighting system in the form of a halo.

The card offers all the best of the brand with fans using a lubricant containing graphene nano particles. The backplate is also perforated, which allows an excellent air flow. Finally, a double bios comes into play with a Silent profile and a second one more focused on performance with higher frequencies… At least we can imagine!

The Gaming OC, Aero OC and Eagle OC versions:

We finally finish with the Gaming OC, Aero OC and Eagle OC versions, which are quite similar. Indeed, they all have a three-fan heatsink based on the brand’s WindForce.

Finally, there will be little significant difference in functionality between each version. The Aero version will be white and silver while the Eagle model adopts a strict double slot format… While being devoid of RGB lighting. Finally, each model also has a dual bios whose frequency is still unknown.

Once again, the official prices from NVIDIA are :

  • 549 € for the 4060 Ti 16 GB
  • 439 € for the 4060 Ti 8 GB
  • 335 € for the 4060 non-Ti