Gigabyte unveils its AIO Waterforce II and Waterforce X II!


Gigabyte announces new all-in-one watercooling kits. Two series are unveiled: Waterforce II and Waterforce X II. These AIOs feature new series-connected fans and a screen… Or not, as the case may be!

Waterforce X II: kits with LCD screens!

Gigabyte Waterforce X IIWith the X series, the brand offers three kits, two in 360 mm and one in 240 mm. The two 360 mm models come in white and black.

In all cases, we’ll retain the presence of an LCD display on the top of the pump block. No revolution in terms of use here, it will be used to display system data and other little things via support for image (.jpeg/.gif) or video (.mp4) files.

As for ventilation, we’re treated to a duo or trio of 120mm windmills. The latter feature ribbed blades. However, their distinctive feature is that they connect to each other via a connector on the frame. As for their characteristics, the fans will operate from 800 rpm to 2400 rpm. Maximum airflow will reach 72 CFM, while static pressure will rise to 3.15 mmH2O.

Waterforce II: no screen here!

Gigabyte Waterforce IIWith the non-X series, we’re dealing with kits that have no LCD screen. However, the pump cover still features the Aorus logo… All the more so as it can be rotated through 330°.

For the rest, the ventilation uses the same connection system, but the mills will be slower: from 800 rpm to 2300 rpm. Inevitably, this has an impact on the airflow: 64.95 CFM, as well as on the static pressure, announced at 2.93 mmH2O.

The kit base also seems different… In all, the mounting system is not the same, suggesting a different OEM. The X series seems to us to be based on Asetek kits in particular, but without certainty.

As for socket compatibility, this model is compatible with mainstream platforms. The other series, on the other hand, will also support AMD’s HEDT sockets!

All that remains is to find out the price!

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