Gigabyte: eight Z890 references in the wild!


New-generation motherboards are starting to make headlines, particularly at Gigabyte. Indeed, a list containing eight future references has leaked. In it, the Taiwanese manufacturer highlights its AI TOP boards.

Z890: eight Gigabyte board names in the wild!

Gigabyte Z890

With Arrow Lake-S Intel will be making a socket change. If you have a LGA-1700 model, you’ll have to migrate to the new LGA-1851 to take advantage of a new-generation Intel Core Ultra 200 K/non-K CPU. This is accompanied by a forced switch to DDR5 , even though this standard is no longer a novelty. Likewise, these boards are expected to offer an increased number of PCIe 5.0 lines, and so on.

For the moment, the leaked list highlights only eight Z890 motherboard references. However, if the brand’s current catalog features more than 40 Z790 references, there’s no doubt that this list will soon be completed.

These include :

  • Z890 Aorus Xtreme AI Top
  • Z890 Aorus Master AI Top
  • Z890 AI Top
  • Z890 Aorus Master
  • Z890 Aorus Pro Ice
  • Z890 Aorus Elite WiFi7
  • Z890 Aorus Elite AX
  • Z890 Aorus Elite X Ice

The AI Top is a highlight. It remains to be seen how this will materialize in terms of the functions offered by the card itself. And don’t forget that Arrow Lake-S is set to offer an NPU dedicated toAI- the perfect combo?

Finally, what about release? If the processors are due to arrive at the end of the year, it’s not impossible, according to certain rumours, that the motherboards will be presented during Computex… But nothing is certain.