GeForce 555.99, a driver for the Elden Ring expansion!


A new driver from NVIDIA, with the release of GeForce 555.99, a new version designed to accommodate the forthcoming Elden Ring extension. With this, the chameleon also takes the opportunity to correct a few bugs, notably in connection with GeForce Experience!

GeForce 555.99, what’s new :

GeForce 555.99 Elden RingThe new features include support for new games, such asElden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. But that’s not all, as titles such as Pax Dei and Still Wakes the Deep are also supported.

With this, NVIDIA offers a new beta update for its NVIDIA App. The aim here is to unify the NVIDIA control panel, GeForce Experience and RTX Experience within a single application… A bit like AMD’s control panel, after all.

In particular, this new update enables AV1 video capture at 120 fps. Another new feature: one-click automatic graphics card adjustment. The overlay application has also been improved.

The patches :

Without further ado, let’s find out what NVIDIA has to offer in the way of fixes:

  • Gaming bugs fixed :
    • No more flickering or black screens on GeForce Experience when Instant Replay is active [4665009].
    • The FPSoverlay will no longer display NA on multiple games [4608943].
  • General bugs fixed:
    • CUDA 12.5 now works with CUDA version of Docker images [4668302].
    • Fixed visual artifacts on Microsoft New Teams/Outlook when MFAA is active from the NVIDIA control panel [4608670].
    • LG OLED48C4 is now detected as a G-Sync compatible display [4645783].
    • The same applies to the LG 32GS95UE display [4564083].

Known problems:

We’ll end quickly with the “Identified problems” section:

  • The GeForce Experience driver page may not detect that a new driver has been installed until the next PC reboot [4662117].

This way to the NVIDIA driver (628.65 MB)