GeForce 531.29 WHQL: some fixes made!


Yesterday, NVIDIA released a new driver with the GeForce 531.29 WHQL. With it, the brand brings some small fixes, but goes further in the optimizations of Atomic Heart. In short, we tell you everything!

GeForce 531.29 WHQL, new features and fixes :

Atomic Heart config PCAmong the new features, there are new optimizations for the game Atomic Heart. There are also optimizations for the Beta of The Finals so that players can enjoy it in the best possible conditions.

However, we are also interested in the fixes brought by the driver. This new version fixes the following three problems:

  • Correction of high CPU usage after quitting a game.
  • There will be no more stability problems with some laptops equipped with GeForce GTX 10/MX250/350 series.
  • Fixed stability issues related to Adobe applications with the GeForce 531.18.

In between, you should be careful when applying Freestyle filters via GeForce Experience. These can lead to a crash of the game. Similarly, there are also some stability issues on Assassin’s Creed Origin with the GeForce 531.18 WHQL.

Anyway, to download this “small” version, go to the link below:

This way to the NVIDIA Hotfix !