Fusion 120 aRGB: bright fans signed in Antec!


This morning, we’re back to the fan side of things with Antec announcing its Fusion 120 aRGB. This is a bright fan in 120mm. This time, the slim format of the Arctic or even Jonsbo models, we are now facing a classic model!

Fusion 120 aRGB: Antec RGB fans sold in packs of 5!

Antec Fusion 120 aRGBWith this new mill, the brand offers a fan in 120 mm with a standard thickness of 25 mm. In addition, we can count on a lighting present in the form of external hoop that will prove to be quite thick. The frame, on the other hand, benefits from rubber silentblocks to reduce unwanted vibrations.

Of course, the power supply is PWM. The brand also announces a speed range between 600 rpm and 2000 rpm. With this, the airflow reaches 57.93 CFM and the static pressure rises to 2.11 mmH2O.

But that’s not all, since a controller will be available for purchase when a pack of three is purchased. The latter will allow to control up to five fans both the lighting and the speed.

Unfortunately, the selling price is not yet known. However, we know that this model will be offered individually, in packs of three or five.

Here is Antec’s datasheet!