Furmark 2 now available to the general public!


Furmark 2 has just emerged from its beta phase and is now available to the general public. The software is ready to make your graphics cards sweat. Coupled with monitoring utilities, you’ll even be able to monitor different values on your card!

Furmark 2 is here, and it’s about to get hot!

Furmark 2Basically, Furmark 2 is the sequel to the famous graphics card test software. The latter will seriously heat up your CG either via a fluffy donut, or via a furry bow for this new version. Either way, it’s no picnic. Via the above capture, we can see an RTX 4090 having a bad time: 70°C, 98% of its TDP and 100% GPU utilization!

Nevertheless, the software doesn’t just do burn-in testing, no, it also integrates a lesser-known benchmark section. This supports various APIs such as Vulkan and OpenGL. In fact, there are talks of porting the software to macOS as well as to new platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi 5. If need be, new APIs could even be supported.

Finally, we learn that the software integrates utilities such as GPU Shark and GPU-Z.

Here’s the change note:

  • Correction of a display bug affecting cards with a long name in the OSI (On Screen Information).
  • Added power in Watts to score submission for NVIDIA GPUs.
  • FurMark node added in OpenGL and Vulkan.
  • Improved use of -benchmark, -max-time and -max-frames commands. They now work correctly.
  • Score submission is disabled if rendering is too slow (less than 1 frame/60 sec) or if a false score is detected (if the number of points and the average framerate don’t match).
  • (Windows) Added RTX 40 Super support for the monitoring plugin.
  • (Windows) Added trade names for many graphics cards, e.g. ASUS RTX 4070 Super Strix.
  • (Windows) update with GPU-Z 2.57
  • (Windows) update with GPU Shark 2.1.0
  • Update with GeeXLab 0.57.0 libraries

Download the software here!