For AMD, the year 2021 looks excellent


    AMD: 99% growth in Q2.

    From the mouth of Lisa SU, in the previous quarter, AMD’s business has “performed exceptionally well”. This second quarter 2021 is actually very symbolic since the company posted a record turnover of $ 3.85 billion. So this quarter allows AMD to report 99% year-over-year growth.

    AMD r├ęsultats q2 2021

    Shortages don’t hurt AMD…On the contrary

    For the whole year 2021, AMD now expects a growth in its turnover of 60%, against 50% estimated in previous communications. Lisa Su told investors that despite the general shortage of semiconductors, she believes that AMD will continue to grow and gain market share. Beyond the turnover, it is above all the margin of AMD which makes a spectacular good (to 48%).

    AMD r├ęsultats q2 2021

    To explain this, we must not beat about the bush. The technical terms refer to a “higher than ever ASP”, which simply means that the sales prices of AMD products have never been so high. An observation that we have all made unfortunately…

    A favorable agenda for AMD?

    AMD confirmed that its year 2022 would be busy with two major launches ( Zen 4 & RDNA 2 ). The second part of 2021 should be done with the current catalog and some relaxation in terms of availability… even if for the boss of the reds, the best days will not arrive before 2022. Finally, the acquisition of Xilinx by AMD remains on track, with the deal expected to be finalized before the end of the year. This insolent shower of economic results from tech companies (Microsoft, Google and Apple have doubled their profits compared to last year ) also makes us realize that when customers and enthusiasts suffer, the brands we work for do not feel the pain in the same way…