First EUV machine arrives at Intel Fab 34 in Ireland


Intel has just communicated the arrival of its first EUV lithography equipment in Ireland. The installation of this expensive equipment coming from ASML required a lot of logistics. The machine has been shipped in parts since December of last year. This shipment required 4 Boeing and 35 trucks to bring the entire machine to FAB 34 located in Leixlip, Ireland. Assembly has only just been completed.

Intel fab 34 Ireland
Intel’s work at its FAB 34 facility in Ireland

Why so long while ASML is in Holland? Simply because Intel wanted to put its pate on this machine before validating its deployment. We obviously don’t know what Intel did on it but the EUV tool was first shipped to the USA, to Hillsboro in Oregon before being sent back to Europe.

The video of the arrival of the new machines in the Intel FAB 34

This machine is the first of a series of 4 that must all integrate the FAB 34. It is essential to move to the Intel 4 manufacturing process (7 nm) equivalent to the 4 nm of TSMC, which will debut with the processors Intel Meteor Lake .

gravure intel It is also the materialization of a massive investment by the blue to regain control ( and technological leadership ) on the chip etching processes. Work on the Fab 34 site began in 2019, with the facility expected to come online in 2023. The plant will double the manufacturing space at the current site and pave the way for production of Intel 4 process technology.

Intel Fab 34