External watercooling with the ES Orbiter 360 TS from Alphacool


Small novelty at Alphacool which announces its ES Orbiter 360 TS. Behind this reference hides in reality a complete external watercooling system based in an external case. Anyway, the solution is powerful since it can dissipate up to 1500W!

ES Orbiter 360 TS: an external watercooling system!

Alphacool ES Orbiter 360 TS

With this system, the brand announces a complete loop resting in an external case. The case in question displays dimensions of 224,46 (L) x 378,80 (P) x 185,30 (H) mm. And as for the materials, it combines aluminum and steel.

But what interests us most is what’s inside. If the brand’s datasheet is to be believed, its system incorporates two NexXxoS HPE radiators in 240 mm and 120 mm. Of course, the construction is made of copper and the whole thing is cooled by a total of three Core fans in 120 mm. These are mills that can operate up to 2500 rpm and generate an airflow of 83.3 m3/h.

Next to that, the system is driven by a VPP755 pump. Concerning it, the technical sheet mentions a flow rate of 340 l/h with a water column of 3.125 m. In addition to all this, we have an expansion tank of 445 ml.

Finally, we will end by mentioning the presence of transport handles. The front of the system has a thermal probe in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Likewise, a liquid level indicator is also part of the system as well as a fill port on the top for a quick refill. Finally, the connection is done by the back via two G1/4″ threads while we find a power supply plug at the bottom. Yes, the power supply is external via a small transformer consuming 17.7W.

Only remains to solve the question of the price which is 499,98 € on the site of the mark!

Here is the technical sheet of Alphacool!