Domin8, a water-cooled, overclocked workstation!


While you’re happy because you’ve managed to buy a discounted RX 7900 XT to play the latest games, others are launching £33,000 PCs! That’s what has just done. The merchant is offering its 8Pack Domin8, an overclocked and watercooled multi-GPU workstation!

Domin8, the overclocked and watercooled workstation at £33,000! 8Pack Domin8Clearly, this PC is a superlative machine. Indeed, the configuration is ultra-muscular, featuring a Xeon W9-3495X mounted on an Asus W790 WS Sage coupled with 256 GB of DDR5 at 4800 MT/s. For graphics, we find two overclocked and watercooled RTX 4090s. The machine is housed in an Obsidian 1000D case, which has been extensively customized, but is clearly a real eye-catcher!

Inside, we’re treated to a double watercooling loop, each with its own dedicated pump. For the CPU, there’s an imposing custom monoblock that cools the processor as well as the motherboard’s power supply stages. Similarly, there are two 480 x 240 mm radiators, one at the front, the other at the top. All cooled by Phanteks D30 fans. 8Pack Domin8

Finally, the power supply is based on two blocks, while 48TB of storage space is provided. These are distributed as follows:

  • 2x 2Tb Corsair Gen5 SSDs
  • 1x 4Tb WD_BLACK 850X SSD
  • 2x 20Tb WD Red HDDs

In short, the price of the machine: £32 999,99 or just over €38,000!