Did Galax smoke the carpet with its new DDR5?


As you can see, the news is busy regarding the arrival of Alder Lake with leaks on the performance but also everything surrounding the future Intel CPU. DDR5 is obviously one of the new features to watch. Galax offers us a kit. But the least we can say is that the proposal here is a break with the ultra premium image of the brand until now.


Galax DDR5
The Galax DDR5 strip stings the eyes…

The series presented here is the GAMER RGB DDR5 series. Clearly, the kit immediately marks the spirits with a design inspired by the famous LEGO pieces. Be careful though, it seems that we are just on a 3D rendering and not the final product. This exclusive design is clearly different from any other kit on the market. And it goes a long way since the customization of the colors seems to be able to be done by adding parts or LEGO bricks. The latter being translucent to ensure the essential RGB functionality.

Galax DDR5 To speak frankly, we thought it was a joke at the beginning… And the fact that we are still on a 3D rendering lets us hope that Galax will not release something like that 🙂 ! Concerning the characteristics, these GALAX GAMER RGB DDR5 are not warlocks since this first draft remains at the JEDEC standard of 4800 MHz available in kits of 16Gb (2x 8Gb), 32Gb (2x 16Gb) and 64Gb (2x 32Gb).

Galax DDR5

It is therefore expected that the brand launches kits more refined and that this series is there to offer a positioning more consumer. However, offering DDR5 with these characteristics may not bring anything good compared to DDR4.