DeepCool offers the CH510 Mesh Digital, a case with a screen!


From DeepCool, we have the right to the announcement of a new case, the CH510 Mesh Digital. This new case is distinguished by the presence of a screen in the upper part of the front panel… But the brand does not give much information about it.

CH510 Mesh Digital: a DeepCool case with screen !

DeepCool CH510 Mesh DigitalConcerning the dimensions, we have a case more imposing than the original CH510. Indeed, the dimensions are 230 (W) x 455 (D) x 470 (H) mm. It is also a little heavier with 7.5 kg.

On the other hand, it has good compatibility with the components. If you want, you can install a motherboard in E-ATX format. Otherwise, the graphics card is limited to 380 mm and the CPU cooling unit to 175 mm. The power supply has a depth of 170 mm.

The storage part has a hard disk cage with two 3.5″ slots, one of which can be occupied by a 2 .5″ SSD . Otherwise, we find two slots dedicated to 2.5″ units.

The cooling part could be consequent with nine slots in 120 mm or five in 140 mm. The air flow could be consequent especially since the front is in mesh. For the watercooling, we find a double compatibility with 360 mm radiators, in the top and in front.

DeepCool CH510 Mesh Digital

Otherwise, this model benefits from a system of easy opening of the side panels via a button system. A graphic card support is also part of the game as well as the famous LCD screen. Unfortunately, the brand does not communicate on its size or resolution. We only know that it will be used to provide stats on the temperatures of the CPU or the GPU.

On the other hand, the selling price is very, very soft since DeepCool positions its model at only 99,99 €. Certainly, the functionalities related to the LCD display seem limited, but so is the price.

Here is the DeepCool datasheet !