DeepCool offers its Assassin 4S, a slimline model!


To put it crudely, DeepCool has come up with a new version of its top-of-the-range heatsink: the Assassin 4. With the Assassin 4S, the Chinese company (based in Beijing) is showcasing a model featuring a single fan, thus limiting its size!

Assassin 4S: a single fan, limited footprint… However!

DeepCool Assassin 4SIn terms of dimensions, we can’t say that this model is really much more compact, no. Like the first model, it is 147 mm wide and 164 mm high. Only the depth is reduced from 144 mm to 116 mm, due to the absence of one of the two mills.

Assassin 4S

Otherwise, the cooler’s double-tower format remains aesthetically pleasing. A DeepCool logo is always present at the top, while an attractive grille takes its place on top. The fins are waffle-cut, and feature an attractive black (or white) coating, as do the six 6 mm copper heat pipes.

This time, ventilation is provided by a single 140 mm fan. Its shape and features have been revised. The blades are now wider. As for its characteristics, we learn that it operates from 500 rpm to 1800 rpm. At maximum, it will generate an airflow of 61.25 CFM, while static pressure will peak at 3.76 mmAq. It therefore generates a lower air flow, but the pressure is higher.

Finally, the official retail price is $79.99. For the moment, it’s not yet available in stores, but that’s not far off. In the meantime, you can always fall back on the first model (comparison), which is quite simply excellent!

Here’s the DeepCool product sheet!