CyberCore II : XPG also offers ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 compatible power supplies


XPG, the gaming branch of the ADATA brand also announces the arrival of new generation power supplies: the CyberCore II. These are compatible with PCIe 5.0 and ATX 3.0 standards.

CyberCore II: new generation power supplies from XPG!

XPG CyberCore II If you were looking for a low power supply, you’ll have to pass. This new series has only two powers: one of 1300W and a second of 1000W. We also know that these blocks benefit from a fully modular management of their cables.

On the electrical level, it is difficult to say anything since it is really a commercial announcement. However, we know that these blocks have an 80+ Platinum certification, which guarantees a good performance. Moreover, the cooling should be qualitative since we find a Vento Pro 120 PWM fan based on the design of the Nidec Gentle Typhoon, a famous fan!

Of course, the interest of these power supplies lies in the ATX 3 .0 and PCIe 5.0 compatibility. Indeed, these models come with a 12VHPWR connector in 12+4 pins in order to power an RTX 4000 from NVIDIA.

For the price, we will have to wait, as well as for the rest of the characteristics of the blocks, such as the protections, the connectivity or the duration of the warranty.

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