CVN Guardian DDR5: Colorful RAM with Hynix chips!


The Chinese brand Colorful announces new memory kits with its Guardian DDR5 CVN. These new kits are equipped with RGB lighting and have a frequency of 6000 MT/s.

CVN Guardian DDR5: up to 6000 MT/s for Colorful’s RAM!

Colorful CVN Guadrian DDR5With its new RAM, the brand offers kits with RGB lighting on top. Otherwise, the heatsink is worked with some markings on the sides. In short, it looks pretty good.

Otherwise, Colorful actually offers us three single channel memory kits. Each one of them includes a 16 GB array. The frequencies start from 4800 MT/s and will reach 6000 MT/s with an intermediate at 5600 MT/s. Concerning the timings, we will have the right to CL36 and CL40. Finally, as for the voltages, the kit in 4800 MT/s displays 1.1V against 1.25V for the 5600 MT/s and 1.35V for the 6000 MT/s.

As for the price, once again, it’s not cheap since the slowest RAM costs $169. The intermediate model is priced at $239 against $279 for the fastest. Note also that the warranty is only three years. On the other hand, we find memory chips from Hynix.

Here are the technical specifications of Colorful!

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