Corsair also updates its 4000D and 5000D Airflow cases!


In addition to its all-in-one watercooling kits, Corsair is updating its 4000D Airflow and 5000D Airflow cases. These new versions come with new fans, the AF120 RGB Elite.

4000D Airflow and 5000D Airflow, updated versions!

Clearly, when we look at the pictures, we find models that seem identical to the original versions. Indeed, the front is still perforated and still uses a triangular pattern. The interior does not seem to evolve either and we still have the same cable management system at the back of the motherboard tray.

The 5000D Airflow has more or less the same features as the 4000D, but is bigger. It has an additional 360mm heatsink slot next to the motherboard. The same goes for storage, where it benefits from an additional 2.5″ slot. However, it gains a fan hub for 6 fans and a Lightning Node Core.

Finally, the main novelty is the integration of three AF RGB Elite fans in 120 mm as standard. With this, we also note the addition of two fan slots on the power supply cover. The goal is to create a dedicated airflow for the graphics card!

For the moment, we do not know the selling price. Let’s hope they don’t go up too high. Especially since a ” True White ” version is also planned with an all white chassis and trim!