Corsair: a complex start to 2022 but good prospects


Corsair has added its name to the list of PC-related companies suffering since the beginning of 2022. In addition to a largely predictable downturn in the market after two years of madness, headwinds such as rising inflation and the war between Russia and the Ukraine have severely damaged the climate and global consumption. Andy Paul, CEO of Corsair, confirms that the first half of the year has been a difficult period for the company.

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Corsair, like the rest of the PC industry, is hungover.

Andy Paul notes that despite significant diversification and a wider range than ever before, many people are now thinking twice about making non-essential purchases, and PC/gaming equipment is definitely one of them. Corsair also confirms that this trend is particularly true in Europe where military tensions are focused. The sudden halt in consumption has led to a build-up of stocks at most distributors. This situation obviously prevents the arrival of new orders. This situation will visibly alter the company’s accounts, which are expecting a loss of between 10 and 11 million dollars for the second quarter.

Despite this, Corsair remains optimistic for 2022

While the company says it has taken measures to lower its costs and especially to clean up its inventory, it remains positive in anticipation of a rebound in the second half of the year. In the reasons for this optimism Corsair cites (like most of its colleagues), a promising release schedule with the arrival of the RTX 4000 series from Nvidia, Radeon RX 7000 cards from AMD but also Zen 4 processors and Raptor Lake processors from Intel. A range requiring many profound changes in the next PCs: DDR5, new cooling systems, power supplies with new standards … Components that should also be normally available and with more decent prices.

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