Cooler Master offers other Mobius fans!


After launching the Mobius 120 OC, its top of the range fan, Cooler Master presents other models from this series. On the programme are the 120P aRGB White Edition and 140P aRGB.

The Mobius 120P aRGB White Edition:

Overall, with the 120P version, the brand is offering us a fan with the same shape as its OC counterpart. The seven blades are thus linked together with an internal arch. This model is also available in white with a touch of RGB addressable at the central hub.

As for the figures, you should know that the fan is 120 mm and is powered by PWM. It has a rotation range of 0 rpm to 2400 rpm. At full speed, the airflow is 75.2 CFM while the static pressure is 3.63 mmH2O.

Cooler Master Mobius 120P 140PIn the case of this 120 mm, it will cost about 30 euros, regardless of the version: black, white or OC.

The 140P aRGB :

With this, we also have the 140P aRGB, the size up top. No big design change here, the fan still features seven blades connected by an internal hoop. The frame still features rubber silentblocks to limit vibrations.

Although it is also powered by a PWM signal, it will run slower as its maximum speed is 1900 rpm. It will generate a slightly higher airflow than its 120mm counterpart with its 76.5 CFM while the static pressure drops to 2.3 mmH2O.

As for the price, you should also expect to pay around 30 euros for this one.