[Computex] Fractal announces a chair, headphones…and 2 cases


Obviously, when we talk about Fractal, we always expect new cases with a sober, neat design… But the Swedish company took advantage of Computex to announce 2 new products we weren’t really expecting: a chair and a headset!

Computex 2024: Fractal’s little surprise

The launch of entirely new product categories is an important milestone in our ongoing growth journey, where we now have the opportunity to apply what has made us market leaders in the case and component category, to a wider part of the gamer ecosystem. This exciting chapter for Fractal is a significant step towards creating the ultimate Scandinavian gaming experience for gamers worldwide,” says Jonas Holst, CEO of Fractal Design.

Fractal Refine: a chair in the brand’s image

Refine is a break with the design that has been (too?) commonplace on gaming chairs for a long time. The product will be available in mesh, fabric and Alcantara finishes, and boasts high-end features such as lumbar support and adjustable armrests, aimed at providing comfort during long gaming sessions.


By combinin

g Fractal’s Scandinavian design principles with the user focus and ergonomics of the office chair, we’ve created a gaming chair that once again challenges the traditional view of what gaming hardware can look like. Available in several different variants, such as mesh, textile or Alcantara, Fractal Refine offers first-class comfort and user experience.

The seat could arrive for the 2024-2025 school year, with a premium price tag of around €600. The Alcantara version could top €900

Fractal Scalp: a sober helmet

Here again, it’s the design that strikes at first. The Scalp features custom speakers for high audio quality and a removable microphone. It comes with a wireless charging cradle, so it’s always ready for the next gaming session while keeping your workspace neat and tidy.

With as much emphasis on performance as design, Fractal Scape offers a comfortable, wireless gaming experience with high-quality materials for many hours of play. With the included charging station, you’ll never have to worry about battery life and will always be ready for the next gaming session.

The Scape headset should be available in the second half of 2024 in Dark/White variants, with an expected price of around €220

Fractal Mood and Era 2: casings all the same

About Fractal Mood
Fractal Mood is a compact case with a small footprint on the desktop, and by introducing textile as a material on all side panels, Mood is ready for sophisticated integration into the modern gamer’s home. Fractal Mood offers good gaming performance with its 180 mm top fan, and also offers support for larger graphics cards.

Fractal Computex Mood
Fractal Mood presented at Computex 2024

Fractal Computex Mood Fractal Computex Mood

About Fractal Era 2
Era 2 offers an iconic appearance based on unique material choices such as anodized aluminum and an elegant walnut top panel. This compact case can cool the most demanding computer components, and is an innovative example of where exclusive design meets high-performance gaming.

Fractal Computex Era 2

Fractal Computex Era 2