[Computex 2023] RTX 3070 16 GB exposed!


RTX 3070 16GB cards aren’t the first we’ve heard of them. However, time after time, we’ve seen cards modified on the initiative of a modder. This time, at the Computex trade show, a brand is exhibiting its own cards. The only problem is, they’re not official models, and the brand, Gxore, isn’t even an NVIDIA partner. Ouch.

Gxore exhibits RTX 3070 16 GB at Computex!

Gxore RTX 3070 8/16 Go

At Computex, colleagues who speak Portuguese discovered a rather strange stand. Indeed, the Gxore brand was present, displaying some rather… peculiar graphics cards… not to say cheap, but whatever. The most interesting is a famous RTX 3070. Its label mentions a memory configuration that has never officially seen the light of day: 16 GB. The role of such a card is to animate walls of screens, and the eight mini-DisplayPorts are a real eye-opener.

As VideoCardz points out, if other brands decide in turn to launch 3070s with 16 GB memory, this could prove embarrassing for NVIDIA. We’re thinking in particular of the RTX 4060 Ti 16, due for launch next month. However, as we’ve seen, the 4060 Ti 8GB offers more or less the same performance as the 3070. So if non-partner brands offer 3070s with 16 GB, sales of the Chameleon’s new card are likely to suffer. On the other hand, this memory configuration enables us to gain in perf, as we saw here.

To be continued, but the Greens have already begun to tackle this problem by teaming up with resellers in particular. It remains to be seen whether this will bear fruit.