[Computex 2023] New products from Enermax!


Computex news is likely to continue to flow for a few days yet, until it all settles down. Indeed, the show hosts so many players that not all new products are presented during the four days it lasts. For the time being, we’ll be talking about Enermax, which is presenting new AIOs and power supplies.

Enermax: the new power supplies!

Enermax Platimax GeminiFirst up was the Platimax Gemini, an ATX-format power supply offering 80+ Gold certification. However, its special feature is that it complies with ATX 3.0 and ATX12VO, the new standard promoted by the blue… But one that is still struggling to be adopted.

Enermax Revolution DFXNext up is the Revolution DFX, an ATX block offering ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 compliance. The block features a native 12VHPWR connector, plus a second accessible via two 8-pin PCIe connectors. Both are capable of delivering 600W of power. This series features patented Dust-Free Rotation technology. The fan rotates in the opposite direction to limit dust accumulation. And there’s RGB lighting on the side of the casing.

The new Enermax AIOs!

For server and workstation platforms, Enermax presented its LiqTech TR4 II, a watercooling kit for professional Intel and AMD processors. The kit features an imposing pump block, designed for installation on LGA-4677 and AMD sWRX8 sockets. Of course, if the kit retains the philosophy of the current series, we should find a high-performance pump delivering maximum flow.

The second kit, the LiqmaxFlo, features a dual-chamber pump. The latter also benefits from a fan mounted on top to cool the elements positioned around the socket. Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about it than that it features fans optimized for temperature/noise ratio.

A fan, the SquA Fusion!

Enermax SquA FusionWith this, we get a new fan, the SquA Fusion. It adopts a square shape. It also features aRGB lighting on the frame and central hub. Likewise, Dust-Free Rotation technology is used to keep dust accumulation to a minimum.

And the case with Cable Master 20 and MarbleShell Mesh MS31!

With the Cable Master, Enermax offers us a housing for the new so-called zero-cable motherboards. These are boards whose connectors are mounted on the back of the PCB. The brand also provides a 30 mm clearance at the rear of the tray for cable positioning. Finally, on the front, there’s an LCD display for monitoring various functions.

As for the MS31, the brand offers a case with a mesh front panel. The case offers enlarged spaces, especially at the top and front, to accommodate particularly thick AIOs… We’re thinking of Arctic’s Liquid Freezer II kits, for example. Likewise, compatibility with the largest RTX 40s is a must!