[Computex 2023] Interview with Alphacool CEO Andreas Rudnicki


Over the past few days, we’ve told you several times about the Alphacool brand, which seems to be taking a new turn with, in particular, a newly redesigned website, but also a range that is subdivided between Apex and Core products. The brand has also just launched an external watercooling system, the ES Orbiter 360 TS.

Present at Computex, most of the new products announced can be discovered on their stand. New products in the Apex range include Stealth metal fans and a carbon Pro Skeleton case. The Core range includes the long-awaited Core1 CPU waterblock, the 360 mm Core T45 Aurora Copper radiator, the new AIO Core 2 Aurora 360 Copper and the Core 2 reservoir.

Our Lab501 colleagues were lucky enough to interview Alphacool CEO Andreas Rudnicki, including this question about Alphacool’s new product range:

Lab501: A little birdie told me that you’re getting ready to launch a lot of new products this year, many of them in the Apex range. What are the key values that distinguish Apex from other products?

Andreas Rudnicki: Apex stands for many things. Extravagant design, new features and maximum performance. Apex is supposed to stand out from the Core series in a number of ways. Apex is also in a class above Core in terms of technical features. The new case features an extravagant design with real carbon tubes, and the new Apex fans will outperform anything on the market in terms of volume and performance.

For our part, we’re looking forward to reviewing this new product range, which is due to arrive in the coming weeks and which we hope to be able to offer you for testing on the site.