[Computex 2023] Biostar also offers Intel Arc cards!


Biostar is of course present at Computex, and among the motherboards on display are graphics cards. An interesting discovery was made (by Hassan Mujtaba from Wccftech), as the brand exhibited an Intel Arc-based graphics card. In fact, a small A380 in ITX format was present at the show!

Biostar offers an Intel Arc A380, ITX format!

Biostar Intel Arc A380As you can see, this is an ultra-basic graphics card, since it’s not very demanding. In fact, Biostar has opted for a simple machined aluminum block for its cooling system. On top, we have a small fan, all in ITX format. Likewise, RGB lighting is absent, so the price of admission is lower.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the full specifications of the chip, such as the GPU frequency. We also note that the card does not require an auxiliary power connector… At the same time, with a TDP of 75W, there’s no need for an additional PCIe connector.

Finally, Biostar is one of the few brands to offer graphics cards from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. And for this, the Asian brand makes its first entry with a small, compact and inexpensive model.