[Computex 2023] A white version of the ROG Hyperion!


Asus unveils a new version of its imposing ROG Hyperion. Until now, this model was only available in black, but now it’s white. At least, that’s the version on show at Computex!

ROG Hyperion: a white version on display at the Asus stand!

ASUS Rog HyperionAs a reminder, the GR701 is an imposing case with dimensions of 268 (W) x 639 (D) x 659 (H) mm. The weight is not to be outdone either, with 20 kg on the scales, enough to get your little muscles working.

However, this is offset by a high capacity for components. There’s 460 mm for the graphics card, 190 mm for the fans and 240 mm for the power supply. If required, two 420 mm watercooling radiators can be integrated simultaneously. As for ventilation, there are ten 120 mm slots and seven 140 mm slots.

And that’s without mentioning the little extras, such as a drawer for spare parts. The panel on the side of the motherboard is also modular. It can be used as a storage slot, or to mount a distro plate or fans/radiators. The same applies to the Velcro strips for easy cabling, etc., etc.

As a reminder, this is a top-of-the-range case currently available in black from €425/440. The white version should be available by the end of the year. It remains to be seen what the price will be!