[Computex 2023] A 4.5-slot RTX 4090 from PNY!


After the Asus and Noctua partnership, it’s time for Cooler Master and PNY. The two brands are collaborating to present an absolutely massive RTX 4090 prototype. This prototype features a heatsink equipped with two 120 mm Cooler Master fans!

Cooler Master and PNY offer a massive RTX 4090! Cooler Master x PNY RTX 4090 Verto aRGB Dual Fan Image source: Benchlife

As you can see, the card is absolutely massive, occupying no less than 4.5 slots in a case. In fact, this model is 89 mm thick, compared with 87.5 mm for the Asus and Noctua board. However, it’s not the deepest model on the market, measuring 305 mm in length.

The design is more sober and unobtrusive than that of Asus and Noctua. This prototype features a square, gray shell. Ventilation is provided by two Mobius 120P aRGB fans from Cooler Master.

With this, other versions are presented with a black/grey shell with yellow inserts. And on the third, the integration of aRGB lighting is more clearly visible, with a little “PNY x Cooler Master” on the edge. Nevertheless, both models omit the luminous fans.

It would seem that the partnership between Asus and Noctua has given others ideas. An association between MSI and Arctic coming soon?