CLX-series : new AIO from EVGA !


EVGA launches a new generation of all-in-one watercooling kits with its CLX-series. We are talking about a series with three references. Each of them has a screen placed on the top of the pump block !

CLX-series: an EVGA series with LCD screen !

EVGA CLX seriesEVGA also gives in to the temptation to add a small screen on top of its all-in-one watercooling kits. Indeed, the CLX models benefit from a 2.1″ screen displaying a 480 x 480 resolution in color. Of course, the aim is to be able to display information about the system: frequencies, temperatures, etc. But also to personalize its kit with .gif, .jpeg, etc.

Regarding the dimensions, we will retain three models, one in 240 mm, a second in 280 mm and a last in 360 mm. Each of them has an aluminum radiator with a standard thickness of 27 mm, except for the CLX280 which has a 30 mm thick block. EVGA CLX-series écran Ventilation is provided by two or three fans, in 120 mm for the CLX360 and CLX240 against 140 mm for the CLX280. In 120 mm, the fans will operate from 0 RPM to 2580 RPM. At full speed, the airflow is 73.15 CFM and the static pressure rises to 3.77 mmH2O. In 140 mm, the fans are slower: 0 RPM to 2380 RPM. On the other hand, the air flow is up with 85.13 CFM and the static pressure down slightly: 3.68 mmH2O.

On the pump side, we find a model from Asetek with a 7th generation pump. This one benefits from a copper base, but we don’t know its operating speed. On the other hand, we know that it will be installed on all sockets on the market: Intel LGA-1700/1200/115x and AMD AM5/4 and TR4.

The prices are not given with a 360 mm model displayed $299.99 against $269.99 in 280 mm and $249.99 for the smallest of the three. The warranty is five years.

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