ChatRTX: an update correcting security flaws!


Last month, NVIDIA released a new tool, Chat with RTX, a chatbot that was 100% local. It has since been renamed ChatRTX and patched. In fact, some major security flaws have been discovered.

ChatRTX: security vulnerabilities corrected!

Chat With RTXAmong the security flaws discovered is CWE-79, which enables a malicious user to carry out cross-site scripting attacks. Otherwise, CWE-269 concerns attacks linked to inappropriate privilege management.

Overall, in the case of the first flaw, a malicious user can inject malicious code via the chatbot interface to compromise sensitive information. The second flaw is a typical case of privilege escalation to administrator level on the target PC’ s system and file.

As you can imagine, this isn’t exactly the kind of thing you want to experience on your own PC. That’s why NVIDIA has reacted swiftly with a software update… Which was recently updated to version 0.2.

Of course, you can get your hands on this new version via the link below:

ChatRTX is up to date and flawless!