[CES 2024] A range of square tubes and fittings from Cooler Master!


On the Cooler Master stand, we were able to discover a whole range of products designed for custom watercooling loop. This shows the company’s determination to concentrate more on this area… Despite a few attempts in the past. In Las Vegas, CM presented a line of original components, including square-shaped rigid tubing!

Square rigid tubing from CM!

As you can see, the company has provided a whole host of features, including end fittings to accommodate square tubing.

On the menu, we have the GPU waterblock that can be seen in the first photo in the gallery. Next up is a flattened tank/pump combo, while the last photo shows CPU waterblocks and radiators.

Colored liquid is also provided by the brand. In the photo above, we can see violet, blue, transparent, white and red liquid. Finally, cutting tools are provided, as are the famous square tubes that can be seen at the bottom of the photo.

CM custom loopFinally, when all this is combined, it can give a more than interesting result, as can be seen above. Here, the configuration takes place in a HAF 700 Evo case. From here, we can already see the square tubes mounted horizontally, while round tubes are used vertically. However, if the idea is original, you’ll have to use ferrules to make the connections, and bending them is obviously going to be complicated.