Cannon : a custom watercooling oriented Antec case !


Antec announces its Cannon case, a high-end reference very oriented towards custom watercooling. If desired, up to four 360mm radiators can be mounted or even a 420mm model at the rear!

Cannon: watercooling galore!

Antec CannonIf you like original cases, this model is for you. As you can see, it adopts a compartmentalized and open frame design. If the first compartment is used for the motherboard, the second one is dedicated to watercooling components. Indeed, at the back, it will be possible to integrate up to two 360 mm radiators with a thickness of 60 mm.

By the way, since we are there, you should know that these are not the only slots. The front and the rear will also be able to accommodate models in 360 mm and 420 mm respectively. On the other hand, we forget the Monsta since we find only 45 mm of clearance.

Antec Cannon

For the rest, we have an interesting layout with a motherboard tray oriented at 90° anticlockwise. Nevertheless, we can enjoy the format with E-ATX in 305 mm. On the GPU side, same thing with 385 mm length. Just note that it will be installed at the front of the case. Finally, for the power supply, we have 270 mm of depth. The small disappointment concerns the 85 mm height of the air cooling heatsink, but it is related to the chassis of the case.

Finally, the storage part offers four slots for storage. These are accessible via a system of compatible 2.5″/3.5″ boards.

The price that hurts!

To finish, the cold shower is at the level of the selling price of the case which is 495 € including VAT. At this price, let us specify all the same that we find a model profiting from a construction out of aluminum and steel. Especially since the dimensions are not in rest: 261 (W) x 604 (D) x 481 (H) mm.

Here is Antec’s datasheet!