Buy an RTX 4090 and get some metal blocks


We like to relax on the weekend and what better way to do so than to make fun of the unlucky ones… We learn on Reddit that a North American customer of NewEgg blew his bank account to buy an RTX 4090 from Gigabyte. If some people think that this Nvidia card is a piece of hardware, our unfortunate victim was able to experience it in the real world. Indeed, while he thought he could enjoy his new card, this customer said that when he opened the box, instead of an NVIDIA RTX 4090, he discovered with astonishment a few blocks of metal weighing down the package!

RTX 4090 métal
Better than an RTX 4090 metal blocks…

This customer’s message of despair quickly became fuel for trolls of all kinds to have a field day on his Reddit post. We should also note that other members simply think that this story is bogus and that it really didn’t happen. Some even think that this episode is edited by the Internet user to take advantage of the badbuzz on NewEgg. The latter explained that he had not been able to make any appeal because Newegg had blocked his account even before answering his emails… A clearly strange situation. One could even wonder if the character is not trying to take Newegg hostage, especially when one discovers that GamerNexus’ friends are on the case 🙂

RTX 4090 métal
Will GamerNexus turn the metal blocks into RTX 4090?

Anyway, we know it’s not nice to make fun of other people’s misfortune…But sometimes it feels good.