Blackwell: on the road to MCM at NVIDIA!


A look into NVIDIA’s future with their next architecture: Blackwell. The first rumors about it are starting to surface. It’s rumored that NVIDIA’s next GPUs may well use an MCM design, similar to what AMD is currently doing!

Blackwell, MCM on the agenda?

NVIDIA BlackwellBefore getting to the heart of the matter, let’s get a few things straight before jumping up and down. Rumor has it that this new architecture isn’t due for tomorrow, as it’s expected for at least 2025. This would give us a good year for the greens to bring us a refresh of the current RTX 40s. Secondly, in the face of Hopper in particular, we shouldn’t expect a significant increase in the number of cores. The number of GPCs and TPCs will remain relatively stable. However, it’s the structural organization that will change. For the moment, no indication has been given.

With this architecture, NVIDIA would be moving into MCM, as is currently the case with AMD’s RX 7000, for example. What’s more, it’s a safe bet that this design will be found primarily on HPC GPUs like the GB100… GB100 which, by the way, should be twice as big as the GB102 according to kopite7kimi. By the way, speaking of GPUs, for the gaming part, we’re talking about chips in the GB200 series, not the GB100, which seems to be aimed at the pro sector.

As for production, there are rumours that the Chameleon is evaluating Samsung’s 3nm etching. However, according to the leaker, this seems rather unlikely. For the time being, NVIDIA will continue to entrust its production to TSMC… It remains to be seen how thin it will be.