Big Chungus Shredded : a second case at Kolink !


In addition to the Big Chungus Hench the Kolink brand announced the Big Chungus Shredded. A version in the same vein as the Hench, but with a slightly different design. Despite everything, we find some little things more, especially at the level of watercooling.

Big Chungus Shredded: better watercooling compatibility!

Kolink Big Chungus ShreddedWith this model, we are still dealing with a medium tower model, however, it will be more compact than the previous reference. Indeed, it has dimensions of 230 (W) x 550 (D) x 525 (H) mm. However, despite being shallower, it remains a hair heavier: 9.9 kg on the scale.

Inside, you will always find a motherboard that sits at an angle. Likewise, we will be satisfied with models in ATX, µATX and mini-ITX format. Similarly, there will be no change in the support of the various components: 310 mm for the GPU, 165 mm for the ventirad and 220 mm for the power supply. On the storage side, there are still three slots: 1x 3.5″ and 2x 2.5″.

Nevertheless, the compatibility with the watercooling radiators is improved since we can install 360 mm in front. It must be said that this version embeds a 120 mm slot in addition: 2x in the back, 2x in the top and three in the front. Basically, we have four Umbra aRGB mills provided: three in the front, one in the back.

Again, no availability in stores. For the price, it will also be a little cheaper than the Hench 189,90 € for a better watercooling compatibility, but less RGB.

This way to the Kolink datasheet!