Aurora Rise White: Alphacool fans come in white!


Alphacool offers a new variation of its RGB fans. This time, the mills are white, so here are the Aurora Rise White, mills available in 120 mm and 140 mm!

Aurora Rise White: white fans in 120 mm and 140 mm!

Aurora Rise WhiteIn the program, we have the fan that goes to white and which comes in 120 mm and 140 mm. As for the black version, an aRGB lighting is present on the frame, but also on the central hub of the mills. Finally, to limit vibrations as much as possible, small rubber pads are present on the four corners of the fan.

Whether we are facing a 120 mm or 140 mm version, in both cases, we have the right to a PWM power supply. As far as speeds are concerned, these fans will be able to work in a semi-passive way. However, the smallest version will be the fastest, because capable of reaching 2500 RPM against 2000 RPM for the 14 cm.

For the rest of the characteristics we have :

  • 120 mm:
    • Air flow : 118,3 m3/h
    • Static pressure: 3.17 mmH2O
  • 140 mm :
    • Air flow: 151,1 m3/h
    • Static pressure: 2.20 mmH2O

We end with the sales prices, which are € 21.99 for the 140 mm against € 18.99 for the 120 mm. Against the black models, the switch to white increases the bill by about 2 €.

Here and there are the technical data sheets of Alphacool!