Asus: Gaming ROG NUC with RTX 4070


When we spoke to the guys from Asus at CES 2024, the future of NUC gaming seemed mapped out. Following Asus’s takeover of Intel’s gaming division, the NUC family would continue to offer a gaming range, but at the cost of discontinuing certain versions. According to the representatives on site, it was the maintenance of the Extreme range that posed the most problems, since it would be in direct competition with the complete ROG machines. But in the mind of NUC’s new owner, small machines with dedicated graphics power were still on the agenda. We were able to see an almost-finished prototype on site.

We have the price of the NUC ROG presented at CES 2024

During our visit to Asus, we had the chance to see what Asus was planning to do with the NUC ROG… This time, things are official, with beefed-up graphics configurations. The base will be built around a Core Ultra 9 185H with up to 16 cores and 22 threads, part of the high-end Meteor Lake-H series. For graphics, we’ll be using a Nvidia notebook GPU (in this case, an RTX 4070). This 4070 is locked to a TGP of 115W, but is said to have a “boost” mode enabling it to go up to 140W.

This ROG NUC is based on the format of Intel’s former Serpent Canyon

The system is currently available for purchase in Germany at the (dissuasive) price of 2,500 euros…which is obviously rather “spicy”. This configuration features the Core Ultra 9 185H processor, the RTX 4070 GPU, 32 GB of DDR5-5600 memory and 1 TB of storage. These specifications correspond to those of a high-end notebook. Given that this is the first launch of the ROG NUC, ASUS wasn’t expected to go for a lower price…but it seems hard to find an audience at such a price level.