Asus and Noctua prepare an RTX 3070


Asus is looking to get the best of cooling for its GPU range and at the same time, probably create a new series of graphics cards in collaboration with Noctua, a brand that we appreciate and that we test regularly!

An umpteenth series of graphics cards at Asus :

Indeed according to some leaks and documents from the EEC, ASUS could work on a new project with Noctua. The brand of cooling system has a serious reputation in terms of air cooling solutions. We could therefore find RTX 3070 with brown fans on a future RTX 3070 series from ASUS.

Asus Noctua

For the moment we don’t know if only an RTX 3070 will be born from this collaboration but this is the only reference that has filtered through the documents filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission. However, we know that filings with the EEC are very often indications of what is about to arrive on our market. It is known that collaborations with some cooling brands are not new. First of all, Cooler Master had the biggest share of the cake by taking care of a lot of AIO solutions for other manufacturers. Then we saw EK arrive for the watercooling solutions of some high-end references. In this case, Asus would obviously be in charge of the 3070’s PCB design, while Noctua would be in charge of the heatsink and fan.


Asus Noctua
Warning, this image is not a leak but a model…

It didn’t take long for some fans to start modeling little things to get an idea of what this future RTX 3070 would be like, in their dreams. According to other sources, it is on the basis of the RTX Strix that Asus would work with Noctua.

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Asus Noctua