ASRock unveils a compact, low-profile A380 Arc!


ASRock continues to manufacture Intel graphics cards under its own name, with a new reference. The latest is none other than the small Arc A380 Low Profile. A new card which, as you’d expect, offers reduced dimensions!

A380 Low Profile: a card with reduced dimensions from ASRock!

ASRock Arc A380 Low ProfileWith this card, ASRock has not hesitated to offer a second Arc A380 that’s even more compact than the first. Indeed, we’re dealing with a so-called ” Low Profile ” format, with a model measuring 16.9 cm in length, all on a half-height format.

As you can see, the heatsink isn’t very elaborate, being a simple machined aluminum block. Two small fans are mounted on the heatsink to cool it down.

As far as frequency is concerned, the brand doesn’t push its card too hard, which boosts the GPU by 2000 MHz. As for memory, the 6 GB of GDDR6 run at 15.5 Gbps which, coupled with the 96-bit bus, gives us a memory bandwidth of 186 GB/s.

Naturally, with its half-height format, the number of video outputs is limited to two connectors. In fact, we find one DisplayPort 2.0 output and one HDMI 2.0b. In view of its low power consumption, which should be less than 75W, the card does not require an auxiliary power supply.

For the moment, the card does not appear to be commercially available.

Here’s the ASRock product sheet!