ASRock lists RX 7600 XT and offers a 7900 GRE


While the RX 7600 XT is due to arrive soon, on January 24 in fact, ASRock’s customized models are already showing up on their (global) website. The company presents two boards, a Steel Legend version and a Challenger model!

Steel Legend: the brand’s top-of-the-range RX 7600 XT!

RX 7600 XT Steel LegendWith this Steel Legend version, the brand offers an all-white board with black and gray inserts. The board features a three-fan heatsink blowing on two blocks of aluminum fins crossed by three copper heat pipes. These come into direct contact with the GPU. As for dimensions, this board measures 30.4 cm in length.

What’s more, this model also benefits from slight factory overclocking, with a boost frequency of up to 2810 MHz. As a reminder, AMD’s reference model operates at 2755 MHz.

The Challenger model, entry-level version!

RX 7600 XT ChallengerThe Challenger version is an entry-level board with just two fans. It also benefits from two blocks of aluminum fins crossed by three heat pipes in direct contact with the GPU. This time, ventilation is entrusted to two fans rather than three. Nonetheless, RGB lighting is present, but it’s switched from the fans to four small strips on the fairing… Let’s say, to make a statement.

Likewise, factory overclocking is still available, with a boost frequency of 2799 MHz.

ASRock also offers an RX 7900 GRE!

RX 7900 GREWe now move on to a bigger card: the RX 7900 GRE, since ASRock also offers its own cards. Here, we’re dealing with the Steel Legend and Challenger versions. The visuals aren’t much different from those of the two RX 7600 XTs presented earlier. What’s important to remember, however, is that the boards are sold individually at ProShop at a price of €599.90 for the Steel Legend model, compared with €579.90 for the Challenger version!

Here are the ASRock product sheets!