ASRock announces its Blazing M.2 heatsinks!


ASRock has announced new heatsinks for M.2 SSDs. Indeed, the brand completes its Blazing M.2 Fan-Heatsink range. These are active heatsinks with a small fan, all adapted to the colors of your motherboard.

Blazing M.2 Fan-Heatsink: active M.2 heatsinks in the colors of your motherboard!

ASRock Blazing M.2 Fan-HeatsinkWith its heatsinks, the brand offers small fans for M.2 SSDs in PCIe 5.0. These offer an active type of cooling since they are topped by a small fan of 30 x 10 mm. Of course, this type of fan will be there to cool the aluminum block on which it is mounted. Don’t go looking for big performance either with its 4.92 small CFM.

What’s also interesting is that these models are “themed”. In other words, they adapt to the design of your motherboard. And as for compatibility, they are intended for Intel cards in Z790 and AMD in B650/E and X670E. Several types are offered with a base adopting different shapes so as to fit properly on the motherboard.

Now, for the bill, it is necessary to count about thirty dollars. Currently, ASRock offers Types 3/4/5.

Here is the ASRock datasheet !