ASRock and NVIDIA GPUs? It’s not that simple!


Initially, the ASRock brand produced motherboards… until a few years ago, when the company entered the graphics card sector. The brand’s catalog included AMD cards. Then, when Intel entered the GPU race, the company switched to Intel cards.

In an interview with QuasarZone, the brand did not rule out a future partnership with NVIDIA. Nevertheless, it’s not something obvious.

It’s not easy for ASRock to make NVIDIA graphics cards!

Intel Arc A770 Phantom Gaming
ASRock Arc A770 Phantom Gaming

Here’s the translated version of NVIDIA’s response:

“Q: What are your plans for future product lines? Do you plan to include NVIDIA graphics cards?

A: That’s a tough question. The companies that offer AMD and NVIDIA are ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI. These brands have been in operation longer than we have, and when they were created, it wasn’t just ATI and NVIDIA, but other chipset manufacturers like Elsa and Voodoo. No one had a monopoly position at the time. However, time passed, NVIDIA’s dominance of the market became overwhelming, and a world emerged where NVIDIA graphics cards became influential. I believe there are complex reasons for this. From ASRock’s point of view, currently producing AMD and Intel VGAs, it seems complicated for us to start producing NVIDIA cards.”

Broadly speaking, we can imagine that if ASRock doesn’t launch into this market immediately, it’s because the current competition is tough. Just look at the dozens of references currently on offer from ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI.

What’s more, as we saw with EVGA, NVIDIA also seems to be a difficult partner to deal with. If the brand has halted its graphics card business, it’s because of strained relations with the chameleon. All the more so as NVIDIA is not always a good sport, not hesitating to propose anti-competitive partnerships that sometimes interfere with brand decisions. We all remember the GeForce Partner Program.

In short, while ASRock does not rule out the possibility of offering NVIDIA cards, this will not happen in the immediate future. To be continued.