Ares: Lexar brand launches DDR5 and DDR4 RAM!


The Lexar brand, launches new memory kits via its Ares range. On the program, the company proposes us kits in DDR5, but also in DDR4. Like what, the old standard is still very present on the market!

Ares DDR5: black kits, without RGB lighting!

Lexar Ares DDR5With its DDR5 version, the brand offers us a rather wise kit. Indeed, it embeds a completely black heatsink, devoid of RGB lighting. Of course, like any good DDR5 kit, we will have the right to XMP 3.0 compatibility and an ECC system on-die.

On the specs side, the brand announces kits grinding up to 5200 MT/s with a maximum voltage of 1.25V. Now, the big question is the timings, which remain unknown. Ah, as far as capacity is concerned, we’ll find 2×16 GB kits, which will give us some peace of mind.

The DDR4 version, white and with lighting!

As for the DDR4 version, we will have to count on a white heatsink with a light bar on top. Otherwise, the style remains almost identical to that of the DDR5 kit.

However, what it changes greatly are the characteristics with a kit of 18 GB in dual channel. The announced frequency is 4400 MT/s and there is XMP 2.0 compatibility. As for timings and voltages, nothing was announced in the release…


We finish with the sales prices which are not given in the case of DDR5. Indeed, it will be necessary to count a nice bill of $369,99 for DDR5 against $109,99 for DDR4, all this on Amazon.