Arc A770 BiFrost: Acer’s board pictured!


Not long ago, the Acer brand teased about a graphics card of their own. The model in question, the Arc A770 BiFrost had a singular design with a radial and axial fan. Now the card is revealed in pictures and it’s even stranger in real life than in the teaser!

Arc A770 BiFrost: here is what the Acer board looks like in real!

The card that Acer teased has a very unique design. Indeed, the card has the particularity of integrating two types of fans within the same casing. As you can see, in the center we have a radial model, called ” blower “, while an axial model is present at the back.

Nevertheless, the construction seems neat with a brushed metal fairing… Or at least, a plastic that imitates aluminum. A few screws are visible to make a difference. Of course, a backplate is present on the back and it displays a Predator logo as well as a reminder of the GPU reference.

According to the source of these photos, the card has been tested and we have some information about the temperatures reached. Thus, according to the site this model would show a temperature of 77°C on the GPU on Furmark.

Obviously, according to our colleagues, the noise is not unusual, although quieter cards exist. In short, if you want more details, do not hesitate to go and check them out!