Arc A310: a tiny entry-level Intel graphics card!


Intel continues the deployment of its Arc series of graphics cards. This time, the company is again attacking the entry-level sector with its small Arc A310. We are talking about a card that is inferior to the Arc A380 in terms of features. A model dedicated to a multimedia use or to replace an iGPU

Arc A310: a very small card for multimedia use!

Intel Arc Pro 40 - Arc A310
Intel Arc Pro A40, for illustration

Clearly, with this model, you will not have to look for big performance, oh no! This model is equipped with an ACM-G11 GPU less generous than that of the Arc A380. Indeed, it contains 6 Xe core, 96 XMX engine and 768 FP32 cores. Despite everything, the GPU frequency remains identical with a chip operating at 2000 MHz.

The memory configuration is also less generous: 4 GB of GDDR6 running at 15.5 Gbps. The memory bus melts like snow in the sun, going from 96 bits for the Arc A380 to 64 bits here. The memory bandwidth is thus reduced to 124 GB/s.

Finally, the TBP remains low with 75W, this will allow Intel ‘s partners to offer low profile single slot cards… The format that can fit absolutely anywhere! Moreover, there should be no real reference model.

All that remains is to know the selling price of this little card. Finally, what is the purpose of such a card? Simply to take place in a multimedia machine intended for the reading of film and video typically.