An RTX 3070 modded with 16GB of VRAM, day and night!


Currently, times must be tough for RTX 3070 owners, as it was a card that was priced out of control during the mining crisis. And which now struggles to run recent games like Resident Evil 4 Remake or The Last of Us Part 1 due to its 8GB of memory.

RTX 3070 meme

You should know that to alleviate its sufferings brazilian modders have modified the card. They simply doubled the amount of memory and, clearly, it’s night and day in games!

RTX 3070: adding 8GB of VRAM makes it better!

RTX 3070 modding

First of all, please note that we do not recommend any attempt to modify the style on your card. It is dangerous for your material, especially without advanced knowledge or adapted equipment. That was the disclaimer of the article.

Anyway, we’ll remember that the two modders first recovered memory from a donor card, equipped with higher density chips. Then they desoldered the VRAM from their 3070 before soldering the memory from the other card. Of course, in between, the chips had to be cleaned of remaining tin residue.

In the end, it turns out that the operation is quite complicated to perform insofar as some additional modifications had to be made to the PCB to force the recognition of the 16GB of memory.

RTX 3070 modding perfs

Once the operation is finished, a little tour on Resident Evil 4 Remake to see what it gives… And the magic happens. The card runs perfectly (after having been put in high performance mode in the NVIDIA panel). But above all, the performance has been greatly improved. The increase to 16 GB allows to stabilize the framerate. There is no more sudden drop in frames/sec, greatly improving fluidity. By the way, in game, RE 4 consumed no less than 11.3 GB of memory!