AMD Ryzen 8000 (Zen 5) in the first half of 2024?


AMD has reportedly scheduled the launch of its Ryzen 8000 processors, based on the new Zen 5 architecture, for the first half of 2024. Rumors suggest that for this generation, AMD intends to focus on single-core performance, with IPC gains of between 20 and 30% (which seems extremely ambitious). Some time ago, AdoredTV reported information confirming IPC gains, but a stagnation in the maximum number of cores and a drop in maximum frequency (a regression from 200 to 300 MHz).

Ryzen 8000

Ryzen 8000: caution on performance

It goes without saying that we must be very cautious with these rumors, which will be repeated over and over again in the coming hours. The drop in frequencies is hard to understand, given that this generation should be based on TSMC ‘s N4 etching process, which is in fact an optimization of the current N5. For the same reason, the “stagnation” in the number of cores seems much more credible.

As expected, the socket should obviously remain the AM5, and X3D versions should arrive in the second half of 2024, probably by the end of the year. AMD should communicate much more precisely early next year (during CES 2024?).

Ryzen 8000 2024 The arrival of the Ryzen 8000 in 2024 is not really a surprise, since this timetable was already officially unveiled some time ago by the Reds. However, bringing these processors to market in the first part of the year seems an optimistic target.