A site to find out if your games will run on Windows ARM


Microsoft has been making some big announcements lately. Leaving aside the hullabaloo about AI, the other interesting topic is the arrival (obviously under the right conditions) of ARM chips on Windows PCs. So, while we’re pretty relaxed about the use of classic productivity tools, games are clearly a cause for concern. A site showing the compatibility of Windows games on Arm is already available.

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Gaming on an ARM-based Windows PC: myth or reality?

This site has just been launched to help you find out whether your favorite games will run smoothly on upcoming laptops equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Series chips. Some time ago, Qualcomm proudly declared that its notebook chips could run PC games without porting to ARM. This claim triggered a certain amount of skepticism. The WorksonWoa website provides a much more realistic picture of the situation.

In fact, the site now boasts a database of over 1,000 games classified according to their compatibility with Windows on Arm :

  • Perfect: these games run perfectly at over 60 FPS in 1080p resolution, without any problems or glitches.
  • Playable: games work, but performance may not be ideal.
  • Works: games run, but may have bugs or limitations.
  • Unplayable: these games are incompatible due to anti-cheat software restrictions or other technical obstacles.

Let’s cut to the chase: games like Warframe and Vampire Survivors fall into the“Perfect” category. Unfortunately, however, major titles such as PUBG: Battlegrounds, League of Legends and Fortnite are classified as “Unplayable“.

The site is based on real-life tests, and encourages future users of Windows on Arm laptops to add to its data to improve accuracy and help others make informed decisions.