A Low Profile RTX 4060 from ASUS!


ASUS is also working on a low-profile RTX 4060. This new card comes in a dual-slot format, but with a half-height PCB. All the more reason to save serious space!

RTX 4060 Low Profile: a small version from ASUS!

With this card, we find an ultra-compact model whose PCB height has been halved. What’s more, the board adopts a dual-slot format and a contained length of 188 mm.

Despite these dimensions, ASUS has taken the opportunity to slide three small fans onto the top of the casing. These fans blow over a dense network of aluminum fins crossed by nickel-plated copper heat pipes.

The card benefits from stock frequencies via the default mode, i.e. 2460 MHz. However, despite this format, ASUS offers an OC mode with frequencies up to 2490 MHz.

Connectivity features two HDMI video outputs, followed by two DisplayPort outputs. Power supply is via a 6-pin PCIe. The latter is positioned at the rear of the board’s PCB.

Finally, the price is not yet known, but this RTX 4060, with its 115W TDP , is a good model to offer in Low Profile version. Last but not least, this card is designed for the most compact ITX cases. Note that Gigabyte also offers such a card.

Here’s the ASUS product sheet!